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The Results are IN!

The Results are in!First off thank you to everyone who took some time to fill in the survey that helped me to do my first ever official review of the business and how things are going. Blossom Wellbeing has now been running for 6 years and it has gone through lots of changes along the way, but this is the first time I have been directly informed by what you, our community want.


So what I learnt was from you was insightful, I will share some stats for the reasons you come to Yoga.


90% to get more flexible.

80% come to relax.

50% to get more strong

35% to learn philosophy.

25% to have fun

25% to learn new postures.

20% for social


Here, I want to point out although Yoga in Class is primarily a physical practice and yes it is fantastic for helping us get more flexible and strong. But this is 1/8 of the teachings of Yoga, the other aspect you may not even be consciously aware off but the philosophy that gets weaved in hopefully does leave an impression. So keep coming for your flexibility , but be open to learning more than just moving your body.



Next I want to share 80% want to do more than just 1 class a week. I would love to make this more manageable for you all. Most of the reason expressed that are stopping you from coming twice/ three times a week where around times, busy lives, child care, locations. I am looking at revamping and updating the class schedule and booking system for the new academic year. So keep your eyes peeled for updates coming in September. Of course the more you practice the more you will see positive changes to your mind and body. Meanwhile, please feel free to send your class requests in!



One for our Nurture & Nourish Crew. The votes came in that you prefer a 2 hour session and on Friday evenings, just as we have been running them for the past few years. So need to reinvent the wheel here! These sessions however have gone very quiet this year. My plan is to pause for the summer months because it is a different atmosphere when it is still light outside and resume them again September/ October time. With an option to book separately or prebook all the sessions for the year at a discounted rate.


Final survey point was 60% want more events. I am always dreaming up new events as I love creating and sharing them. So again, keep your eyes peeled, but if you have requests let me know!


My own reflections, as most of you know by now I am readdressing the way I close a class to leave out Namaste. I will write another blog for this so you can understand the reasoning behind it, for the time being thank you for your patients while the ending of class may seem strange at the moment. I do trust we will all find a new flow and way to close our class.


Something I care deeply about is the community we can create as social connection is so important for our health and wellbeing. We are so connected through technology ironically, the statistics are saying we are in a time where loneliness or feeling lonely is higher than ever.  I am hoping to plan some simple yoga and social events soon as well as having created the Whatsapp community, please feel free to use this space to share insights or ask questions.


As always thank you for being here.

Peace and Love


Sarah x

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