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Ayurveda Health Counselling
& Wellbeing Lifestyle Coaching

This program aims to educate, empower and guide you towards a life of health, vitality and joy, which in Ayurvedic belief is your birth-right. You'll be guided by a professional Ayurvedic Health Counsellor: the scope of practice will emphasis preventative healthcare, addressing imbalances and promoting health; regaining wellness on all levels: physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, energetically. This is an investment in YOU and your quality of life.

Regardless of your personal desires, health goals and visions for your future,  Ayurveda can offer you support on your journey there.

Herbal Treatment

This is not just Ayurvedic Health Counselling- this is a Feminine-Form Tantric Medicine approach. Drawing from the philosophies and life-affirming teachings of Women’s wisdom healing traditions as well as the traditional Ayurvedic medical science principles. This unique approach offers:


  • Embodied experiences with somatic awareness, helping cultivate an ever growing trusting  and expansive relationship with you and your body.

  • Looking at the WHOLE picture- your WHOLE life is considered.

  • Diving deep into root causes 

  • Visioning a life for yourself that brings optimum satisfaction, joy and pleasure

  • A fluid approach which allows each session to flow and change direction with ease 

  • A heart-centred container for getting quiet and listening to the whispering voice inside, be it your soul, your intuition, your higher self. 


The Masculine-form wisdom that comes in, is the structured part of assessment that gives us a valuable foundation of understanding you deeper. We use these assessment tools to determine your Vikruti (imbalances) and your estimated Prakruti ( your original blueprint of health). Your Vikruti and Prakruti is an assessment of the Dosha’s (Vata, Pitta , Kapha) at play in your life, which also give us a picture of the qualities of the elements (either, air, fire, water, earth) influencing you.

We also assess:

  • Your levels of stress.

  • Your state Ama ( toxic build up physically, emotionally and mentally)

  • Your Agni ( digestion and your metabolic fire responsible for transformation physically, emotionally, mentally)

  • Your state of Prana (life force energy)

  • Your state of Ojas ( your immunity, vitality, happiness, strength, glow, aura)

  • Your state of Tejas ( clarity of mind, focus)

  • Your state of Dhatu’s ( 7 layers of tissues: plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bone, nerves and reproductive tissues)

Not sure what Ayurveda is ? Learn a little more of the system here: read my blog post What is Ayurveda? A Basic- Run- Down

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We do not diagnose, cure or treat diseases.  


This is a unique program, holding at its highest  intention that optimum health, passion, pleasure and vitality can be experienced at any age, for any gender, for anyone, for everyone. An integrative approach that will support and compliment any existing medical journey you are on. This is not to replace any western medical treatment. 


Approaches may include: nutrition, lifestyle, meditation, Body Yantra, psychospiritual approaches, pranayama (breathwork) emotional processing, health promoting herbal education, goal setting (sankalpa – hearts longings), Dharma work ( finding your divine purpose), Manifestation alchemy, cleansing protocol, advanced self-care, womb care, breast care, self-massage, designing personal routine and ritual, seasonal living, lunar living, mantra, Yoga asana (postures), exploring sacred sexuality, sleep protocols and so much more.


Each sessions is unique, just as everyone walking this planet is unique. The approaches vary vastly depending upon the individual, their goals, their history, their story, their imbalances/ symptoms and everything else we factor in. 


Book a free 20 minute Clarity call today to ask any questions and see if this is a healing journey you would like to commit to. 


What past clients have to say about Ayurveda Health Counselling

Sarah’s Ayurvedic coaching has inspired me immensely.With subtle changes and adjustments to my lifestyle and diet, I feel so much more connected to my natural rhythms. Sarah’s meditations always send me to magical places but focussing them as part of the Ayurvedic coaching sessions meant that I connected with my true essence in order to make changes that were right for me personally. I highly recommend Sarah’s coaching to support your journey to bring your life back into a natural state of balance

Di- Ayurveda Health Counselling

I found the journey to be manageable and highly beneficial for my change of lifestyle when navigating a very busy schedule. This is something that I would like to continue with to make small, permanent changes to my daily routine. Highly recommended!

Nathalie- Ayurveda Health Counselling

I can not recommend the 121 time l had with Sarah enough. From the initial consultation through to the meditation and lifestyle recommendations. Sarah’s passion for your emotional and physical well-being is outstanding and was evident throughout and  continues after the session.  After working together l came away with a well-being routine that is manageable and l am continuing to work with. The knowledge and drive that Sarah shares with you to tailor a bespoke routine for your needs is excellent. An amazing experience and well worth it to get the results. 

Michelle- Well-being Coaching

Healthy assortment of yellow foods

The Process of Ayurveda Health Counselling


Curious about embarking upon a Ayurvedic healing journey to integrate your wholeness, embrace the fullness of your life, tending to your health and happiness? If you answered yes, I am SO pleased you are here. I will describe the process of the sessions in steps so you can get a clear understanding of what to expect. Plus the different options on offer. 


  1. I recommend making a 20 minute clarity call. This is an opportunity to see if we are a good fit to work together. Establishing expectation. Ask any questions. To get clear this is a path you want to commit to.  

  2. Book your first appointment, this can take up to 2 hours for your initial intake consultation (IIC). This can be online, on the phone or in person.

  3. Fill in your intake form, take your time with this, grab a cuppa in a quiet place and give the answers your fullest attention. There are some sensitive and personal questions, that if you don’t feel comfortable to answers please leave blank. It may be useful to include side notes of any physical, emotional, mental reactions to any questions. 

  4. Send the intake form back to the Ayurveda Health Counsellor at least 48 hours before your initial intake consultation. This gives ample time for the practitioner to read, take note and make any relevant follow up clarifying questions. 

  5. The Initial intake consultation takes place which includes:  a review of your intake form, questions and inquiry about your story, health and goals, and tongue analysis. The focus on this appointment is for the practitioner to get all the relevant information about you. 

  6. The practitioner reflects and evaluates using the form, assessments and consultation data collected. Putting together an Elemental Report which reports your Vikruti (imbalances) , estimates your Prakruti (blueprint of health and optimum wellness), plus suggestions and guidelines where the health counselling session might guide you.

  7. Book in for an Elemental Report Findings appointment. You received a copy of the report, plus a hour long Elemental Report Findings session, explaining the finding, education around the relevant Ayurvedic theory and offering suggestions to begin your journey. With the practitioner you co-create a "treatment/ journey" plan. 

  8. Book follow-up supportive Ayurvedic Health Counselling sessions. Now the practitioner has a clear picture and at this stage you will have already began implementing some simple practices, we can build and develop the work together, working through steps and a journey to support you towards your goals. These sessions vary vastly depending upon the individual and their needs.

  9. The sessions are in your hands, meaning you might decide you need weekly support for 6 months or you might want to meet-up once a month for 3 months or just to check in seasonally. 


Contact today to book a free 20 minute clarity call. Include your available days/times. 

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch soon. 

Prices and packages

Online rate // In person rate

Wellbeing Coaching Session 1 hour.

No full assessment, elemental report or intake form. Simplest and lightest option. Trouble shoot your goals and imbalances, to find solutions and practices to bring support. 

50// 60

Ayurveda Health Counselling Basic.

Intake form, initial consultation, elemental report and report findings session. No Ayurvedic Counselling follow up included, this is just a Ayurvedic assessment. 

250 // 280

Ayurveda Health Counselling Journey.

The full assessment process plus 4 follow up Health Counselling sessions. The recommended approach to dive into your path of optimum wellness.

450 // 520

Ayurveda Health Counselling Follow-Up.

1 hour session continuing support, education and guidance.

50 // 60

*My practice of Ayurveda as a Ayurvedic Health Counsellor and Wellbeing Coach is an educational tool to help the client discover their version of good health. I offer support and guidance only. This level of Ayurveda does not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or disease. None of these services are to replace medical treatment. It is an integrative and supportive modality of healing.

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