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A pregnancy Yoga Sample Class

Here I offer a full hour pregnancy Yoga class. Please only do as much or as little as your body feels up for. Always pay attention to sensations in the body, back out of any painful areas and be aware of your energy levels. The way I teach pregnancy yoga is not to exercise your body, but to support, soothe and nourish your mind and body, enabling you to connect to your body as it changes, and to connect to baby. If you are interested in more sessions, I run 6 week blocks throughout the year. These are in person sessions usually on a Wednesday 6:15-7:15pm at Upper Aston Farm Claverly. With these blocks you also get access to the Pregnancy Yoga and Wellbeing online program I've created to offer additional support. But if you can't do the in person class, but would like access to the online program which offers over 20 different practices, please get in touch. Any questions, let me know, otherwise enjoy the practice!

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