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6 reasons to do Private Yoga

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Hello, and welcome to my 4th blog! Today's write up is drawing out some key point as to why I think private yoga is of benefit to everyone! Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned practitioner, there is an abundance of benefits for hiring a Private Yoga Teacher to guide you and facilitate your personal practice. I could have added many more reasons, but here are what I think are the most valuable and potent.

First point, you are making a loving commitment to yourself. You are saying to yourself: I am going to show up: once a week, twice a week, once a fortnight (whatever your intention is) to give my body, mind and spirit my wholehearted attention it deserves. You are carving out time, creating space for you to be acknowledged, truly felt and nurtured. This simple intention can be so healing and will pay you back with vitality as you will soon start to flourish from the inside out.

Second wonderful bonus of doing Private yoga: it is all about you! We offer sessions at your own convenience, choosing a time, day, location that suits your life and commitments. Even if this is before the sunrises, so you can have that precious “you time” before the family wakes up or the work emails start pinging in! Another wonderful aspect of private sessions being all about you is we can create a session that suits you. Yes we can create a structured plan, form some goals together and have a fixed routine to progress on. But we also have the flexibility of being adaptable, allowing you to show up as you as, check in with yourself and make a empowered decision on what works for you on the day. If your feeling tired or down, we can go more gentle. If one day you need deep rest, we can do a Yoga Nidra. If you have excess energy we can use it up in a dynamic class.

Thirdly, the space is yours and an obvious but valid point: it is private. Anything discussed in the session is strictly confidential, and although a Yoga teacher is not a therapist, counsellor or medical clinician we adapt the yoga practice for your needs and requirements. We can talk about your health, any injuries, current person issues that may be impacting your wellbeing. Together, we can then work to make an informed decision on what your yoga practice should look like, what benefits we want to achieve and what is a relevant practice for you in this current moment.

My fourth point is you are making an investment for your health and wellbeing. Call me bias as I love all things: health, fitness, wellness, soul fulfilling, self-care, movement, longevity, natural and loving. But, hand on my heart, I cannot think of a better financial investment than your health! If you feel good on the inside you will feel good on the outside. You will show up to life with more ease, joy and enthusiasm. You will feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually ( if that’s your thing, don’t worry if not you can skip that part if you prefer). There is so much science and evidence out there now, supporting many of the claims the wise and knowledgeable ancient Yogi’s and Yogini’s describe in their texts. In these ancient text it informs us on how vital practicing the system of Yoga is for human health and development. I won’t go into describing the specifics here, but I am happy to point you in the right direction or books, websites and studies. But for now, you can take my word for it, or take a class and feel it for yourself!

The fifth reason, being able to effectively showing up for others. Filling your cup first, so the goodness spills over and has a positive impact with those around you. This is seeing the benefits of your yoga practice as a much bigger picture. Everyone you come in contact with, you have an impression on, you have an effect on them and equally they effect you on some level to, whether you are aware of this or not. So, of course if you are feeling well, joyful, less stressed, comfortable in your body, these qualities will ripple outward and touch those around you. This might look like: having more patient with your kids, having a clear mind to solve a problem at work, having head space to offer someone a compliment, just generally enjoying living in your body more and smiling more. A simple gesture such as a smile can have such a huge impact, so please don’t ever under estimate the importance of your own health and wellbeing, because it has the ability make profound, maybe subtle, positive change.

And finally, my sixth gem of private yoga. The opportunity to dive deeper. As we know, our life is a journey and our yoga practice mirrors this journey. This might be a journey to know yourself deeper, to learn the practice of yoga deeper, or to cultivate a relationship with spirit on a deeper level. So whether you want to deepen your relationship with yourself, becoming intimately aware of your mind and body and allow it to be heard through its own language of sensations. You will be guided to experience you and your body during your sessions. Or you might be an experienced Yogi/ Yogini who wants to deepen your practice within the system of Yoga, exploring Pranayama (breathwork) more intentionally, maybe you want to master a specific Asana (posture), maybe you want to learn more about the philosophies, cleansing practices, mantras, mudras, mediation and more! As stated in The Yoga Sutras: “There’s no value in digging shallow wells in a hundred places. Decide on one place and dig deep.” And Private Yoga sessions facilitate just this.

If you have any thought, questions or comments please do get in touch. Thank you for taking the time to read and I wish you a beautiful day.

Namaste ,


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