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Claim Your Radiance: Ayurveda Program

  • 8Weeks
  • 37Steps


☀️Do you want to feel a sense of balanced energy? ☀️Do you want to live in a harmonious flow with life? ☀️Do you wish to learn deeper about yourself? ☀️Do you long to feel more connected to your heart? ☀️Do you want to tap into your deeper knowing and trust your intuition? Awaken your inner healer Archetype? ☀️Do you want to feel healthier, more content and joyful, tap into your creative potential and RADIATE? Ayurveda offers support and guidance for health, well-being, your hearts desires and more. This ancient healing science teaches us the art of living well with endless tools and practices in its bag of tricks to bring out the best experience of health and wellness available to us. You will learn the fundamentals of Ayurveda, Meet the Dosha's, Tap into your intuition, Dive into sacred inquiries to deepen your connection to self, Deepen your connection to natures rhythms, Find more health, wellness and vitality, Learn about Ayurvedic Kitchen and Digestion Basics, PLUS Ayurvedic Self Care. A 6 week program that open's with a 30 min live Zoom ' Opening circle' and will finish with a live Zoom ' Q+A and Closing Circle'. The program content is a mix of meditations, reflection prompts, videos, quiz's and written content to read at your own pace. LAUNCHING FRIDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER WITH THE OPENING CIRCLE 16th. This date is on New Moon energy which is a time for beginnings and starting a new journey. For further details email:

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EARLY BIRD Claim Your Radiance Spring.


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