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Yoga Classes and Events

Here you will find a full description of all the upcoming yoga classes, courses and events.

Beginners Yoga

In our Beginners Courses and classes we welcome everyone and all bodies! These sessions not only encourage us to move mindfully as we learn traditional postures, but we touch upon deeper teachings of yoga. Including meditation, philosophy, breathing techniques, relaxation, alignment and more.

The main focus is to learn, move and relax.

Practicing Yoga

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow is a class where we link all our postures with the breath, we aim to move with fluidity as a continuous stream of mindful movement. The aim is to create heat within the body, we call this internal fire our Agni.  A wonderful balance of water and fire.

You will find an element of challenge for your mind and body, for this reason it is not suitable for complete beginners. 

Buddha Statue

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a Traditional class exploring meditation, breath and energy guidance (pranayama), movement and postures (asana) and philosophy. Each week we explore a different theme, to deepen your experience of Yoga. 

Hatha- translates as Sun/Moon. We aim to find balance and tranquility in our mind, body and spirit. Suitable for everyone.

Senior Yoga Class

Nurture & Nourish

Our monthly much loved total relaxation session. 2 full hours dedicated to you. We practice restorative postures, meditation, breathe work and Yoga Nidra ( known as yogic sleep). These sessions can be deeply healing, as they give you space to find stillness, calming your nervous system, gently stretching away physical tension and resting deeply. Suitable for everyone. 


Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga is suitable for expecting Moms in their 2nd and 3rd trimester. We move in a way that supports the changes in the body, easing out tension and supporting our posture.

We build community, connect to baby, appreciate our wonderful bodies as they change and grow. Each session we practice breathing, meditation and relaxation. 

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