Seeds of meditation

Here I will share with you my unique journey and relationship with meditation. Hopefully this will give you more insight into who I am and why I do what I do. I would love to hear about your meditation journey, so please share in the comments or send me a private message to connect.

The first seed. My very first experience of meditation was on my first trip travelling Thailand. I had just turned twenty and went travelling alone! I remember climbing what seemed like an endless flight of stairs, in the blistering heat, sweating, huffing and panting with a some what sensitive tummy, to find a Buddhist Temple. It was magical reward seeing the tight of such a grand and beautiful Temple. I remember sitting on my meditation cushion feeling deeply relaxed. I remember seeing a spooky face pop up in my mediation, I asked the Monk when I was finished and he told me that seeing things whilst meditation is very common. There was something enchanting and mysterious about the whole process, especially within the walls of a temple in an exotic country.

The second seed. A few years passed until I rediscovered meditation. After finishing my extended travelling trip, I arrived home to find adjusting back to life and my personal circumstances some what difficult and along came anxiety, IBS and panic attacks. My boss at the time, pointed me in the right direction, some might say he was an angel. Little acts of kindness go a long way! He told me to join him and his family to their weekly visit to a Buddhist Centre. There I learnt the practice of mindfulness, eight steps to happiness, began reading buddhist literature, began meditating. The monk there, a lovely softly spoken welsh man spoke words that turned my life around. It rewired my brain, re-established my self-power, gave space for deep forgiveness. I stopped feeling trapped, scared, confused and anxious. I had established a deep sense of inner peace, which also gave me the courage at the time to end toxic relationships, offer forgiveness to some challenging people.

From here I began a regular personal meditation practice. A particular example I have of its powerful effect is when I took my driving tests. My first test, I didn't mediate before and consequently I received 3 majors! I was full of nerves and was unable to focus. My second test I meditated and centred myself, entered the test with calmness and passed with only 1 minor!

The third seed. Call it a coincident but I then moved to Wales to go study for a few years. Ketchog, the monk from the local buddhist centre recommended centres for me to go to whilst living in Wales. I visited lots of different centres and experience different mediations. One I particularly connected to with loving kindness mediation. A weekly hour long mediation group dedicated to offering yourself loving kindness, extending it out to those close to you, then extending the loving kindness out further to everyone. It was a very heart opening experience. Whilst living in Wale my inquiry dived deep. I mediated with Hare Krishna, practicing Kirtan, chanting and discussed the Bhagavad Gita.

Forth seed....lets say the seeds are germinating now! Whilst at studying in Wale, I incorporated my interest of mindfulness and meditation with my Art degree. I took mindfulness online diploma course, I took my first and second Reiki degree attunement. This all lead me to a regular personal meditation practice. I began introducing the use of the chakras in my mediation, cutting karmic chords, feeling into my auric field ( I will write a post soon on Prana and the subtle body soon) . This is where it shifted from being a tool to establish a balanced mental state of peacefulness to taking it to a deeper practice of profound connectedness. Feeling confident in my practice at this stage I began teaching meditation classes at my University to my peers, and seeing the stress melt away from their faces as I lead a relaxing body scan filled my soul with purpose.

The seedlings grew into a little plants. My meditation practice has kept consistent over the past years, it has certainly helped me through difficult times and has helped me savour the joy of beautiful moments swell as finding joy in the mundane moments too of course! I believe in the power of meditation for healing, manifestation, clearing old energy, visualising for protection, coming up with new ideas, coming up with solutions to problems, releasing hurt, feeling deep profound love...and so much more! My curiosity, open mind and enthusiasm for meditation as lead me to explore hypnotherapy, shamanic journeying, soul matrix work, working with crystals. I believe and trust in the universe because I have connected with it through my meditation practice. My mind is open and I believe as I keep growing and learning my meditation practice will become more abundant, profound, magical and help me continue to grow.

Now the plant is well established and sharing its beauty with others. It is a honour to now share and introduce the practice of meditation to others almost on a daily basis! With so many benefits, there is nothing to loose from meditation but so much to be gained. Although to the contrary Buddha was supposed to have said the complete opposite! When asked " What have you gained from meditation" Buddha replied: " Nothing, but let me tell you what I have lost: Anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death". Either way you look at it... it is worth a try if you have never meditated before. And a sweet, kind, loving reminder... if you do not have time to meditate you need this practice more than anyone else.

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