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What is divine healing?
It is a unique programme designed to offer you a range of therapeutic modalities to help guide you on a path of self healing. We blend Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama (breath/ energy work) and Ayurvedic wellness to create a programme to facilitate your divine blossoming. 


Working together we design a programme that aligns with your deepest hearts longing. What does your heart want from you? This can be as simple as a desire to relax more or something more subtle like improving the health of a particular chakra. This programme is suitable for anyone wanting to make a shift in their physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing. 


What does the programme include?

A half hour consultations

Through a zoom call, phone call or discussion in person. We get to dive deep and discuss your hearts longing (sankalpa), to find what truly drives you and what you would like to gain from working with me. We address anything that may be holding you back and together  we design a programme specific to your needs.


An hour of  Reiki Healing

After our discussion we can now work with subtle energy and clear any stagnation, blocks or toxic energy as well as cultivate healing, vibrant and positive energy. Reiki can have a healing effect on all layers of your being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. We can do this in person in a therapy space or through distance healing online. 


An hour private Yoga session

A session tailored uniquely to you. No yoga previous experience is required as it will be planned specifically to be suitable for you and your intention. This hour long practice may include movement and postures (asana), pranayama (breathing/energy work), mudras (energetic gestures), meditation and yoga nidra. Option to do this in person in a studio setting or online through a zoom/skype call. 


A personalised meditation

I design a 15 minute mediation and recording just for you. You get to keep and download this meditation, with the intention to listen to it regularly to help support you on your divine healing and blossoming journey.


A personalised plan

At the end you will receive a write up with a few simple Yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle habits that will help support you on your journey. The plan may also include specific Yoga postures, herbs, self- care practices and breathing exercises.


How does it work?

Once you have purchased a programme we will then arrange a date for our consultation. You have two options how you want to see the journey through. 


Option A, you can book a 3 hour session allowing for a few short breaks. In Option A, you create a whole morning or afternoon as a mini retreat for yourself as we complete our consultation, reiki and yoga practice. You will receive the mediation and plan a few days later.


Option B  You can stagger your programme. Begin with booking the consultation and then book the rest of the programme whenever it suits you best. This option offers you more flexibility and gives you the opportunity to integrate each layer of the programme before moving on.  


Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to make real changes and shifts in their physical, mental and spiritual life is warmly welcomed to join. If you feel stuck in an area of life, lacking motivation, sense a block of any sort, want to up level your self-care regime, connect to a deeper sense of self, connect to your dharma (life purpose) and so much more, this programme is for you. Simply, if you have a desire to bring in more health, wellness, happiness and vibrancy into your life, join this programme!


Understand this is a participatory programme, you are active in the process of paving a path of divine healing and blossoming. You are co-creating this programme with Blossom Wellbeing. You are required to open up, receive guidance and advise, be honest with yourself, discover your hearts longing, acknowledge your blocks and be open minded.


Why you might join this programme:

  • You want to work with a specific chakra to strengthen specific aspects and qualities of yourself.

  • You want to find ways to manage overwhelm, relax more and improve sleep

  • You feel you need support to help guide you through a current situation or circumstance.

  • You want to connect more deeply with yourself

  • You want to cultivate unconditional self love

  • You are pre or postnatal and want to achieve optimal health: physically, mentally and spiritually. 

  • And much more!


This is programme is not here to replace any medical intervention. Blossom Wellbeing do not offer therapy, counselling or medical advice. We come from a therapeutic, spiritual, philosophical and wellbeing perspective. Here to empower you on your own path of divine healing. 

The investment to begin a divine healing journey towards your own unique blossoming  is £110 if taken online or £160 if done in person in the setting of a yoga studio/ therapy space. This price difference is to cover the room hire. The Divine Healing programme is designed to offer you a bundle of sessions, which gives you a savings of £45 if booked separately. 

Image by Evgeniya Borovska